About me


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a little girl who wanted to be a CEO when she grew up. A weird series of circumstances in her childhood took her to the Middle East and later to south of Africa. Her adolescent years were shaped by red african soil and pink sunsets, and by people of all colors, shapes and sizes…

I like to think of myself as an experience designer taking into consideration people with all their idiosyncrasies.

Together with my husband Janko I ran a small design agency in Serbia. We helped our clients, big and small, shape their products and services. Now, I work as an independent experience designer, based in Berlin. Even though I’m not a CEO, I enjoy my work immensely since I get to work with various people and on all sorts of products. Besides that, I’m a woman so you can view me as a CFO and a de facto CEO nevertheless :)

Through speaking engagements I try to give a little something back to the community. So far, I’ve spoken at ffwd.pro 2013, RenderConf, DaFED #15 and Design Lab. I’ve also spoken at some dev conferences, but that was in my previous life while I was a developer.